Logistics to Consider

Budget & Average Costs

The table below provides estimated costs for students to consider during the internship semester. Students should be advised that these are approximate and that costs may vary depending on the individual intern's expereiences.

Tuition is calculated based on the number of hours in which a student is enrolled Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor to discuss enrolled credits during the internship semester.
  Washington, D.C. Austin, Texas Berlin, Germany London, England Madrid, Spain Paris, France
& Utilities
housing & basic utilities
provided; $350 deposit;
wifi $20 monthly
$900 monthly $800 monthly $1150 monthly $750 monthly $950 monthly
Tuition & Fees Tuition Calculator Tuition Calculator Tuition Calculator Tuition Calculator Tuition Calculator Tuition Calculator
Flight $400-600 round trip n/a $900-1600 $900-1600 $900-1600 $900-1600
Groceries $50 weekly $50 weekly $50 weekly $50 weekly $50 weekly $50 weekly
Local Transportation $120 monthly $50 monthly $90 monthly $230 monthly $90 monthly $80 monthly
Recreation $50 weekly $50 weekly $50 weekly $50 weekly $50 weekly $50 weekly
Required Insurance $225 monthly $225 monthly CISI Insurance CISI Insurance CISI Insurance CISI Insurance
Passport n/a n/a $110 $110 $110 $110
Visa n/a n/a $100 $800 $100 $100


Stay on track for graduation! Prospective PPIP interns are highly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor to discuss how participation in PPIP could impact the student's degree plan prior to submitting a PPIP application. Please talk to your academic advisor about receiving course credit while interning with the Public Policy Internship Program.

PPIP interns are required to enroll in UGST 492: Co-op in Public Policy. This is a one-credit hour co-op course administered by PPIP via eCampus. Enrollment in the UGST 492 course will classify the student as full-time with the Registrar's office, even if the student is enrolled in fewer than 12 hours during the internship semester. Please note that this is not the same as being considered full-time for financial aid purposes.

In addition to the UGST 492 course, some PPIP interns gain additional hours that count towards graduation by enrolling in online coursework during the internship semester. However, because PPIP interns work 40 hours per week, the PPIP staff does not recommend enrolling in more than six (6) credit hours.

Financial Aid

Financial aid eligibility varies between students. It is ultimately the responsibility of each intern to meet with an advisor from the Scholarships & Financial Aid office to discuss how participation in the Public Policy Internship Program will affect the student's financial aid eligibility. Please note that while PPIP interns are classified as full-time with the Registrar's Office, it does not mean that a student is considered as full time for scholarship and financial aid purposes.

Intern Housing Accomodations

Housing and basic utilities are provided to PPIP interns participating in the Washington, D.C. program. These intern apartments are located in Crystal City (Arlington, VA). All D.C. interns are responsible for providing a housing deposit of $350.

The Public Policy Internship Program is not able to provide housing for interns participating in the Austin, Texas program nor the international programs. As an Austin or international intern, the student is responsible for securing their own housing accomodations for the duration of the internship.

Training & Pre-Departure Events

Starting a new job, moving to a new city, and learning the ropes can be daunting, but the Public Policy Internship Program helps its interns navigate the road to success!

Students accepted into PPIP must attend all training sessions and pre-departure events in College Station. There are typically two (2) required weeknight events in addition to an Intern Training Day. Intern Training Day occurs at the end of the semester and consists of a full day (8am-5pm) of sessions and activities with several Texas A&M administrators and special guests. Each PPIP intern will also have an individual meeting with program staff to discuss internship placement options. PPIP also hosts an optional intern social which allows interns to network and socialize in an informal setting.

Passport & Visa Information

Students participating in either the Berlin, London, Madrid, or Paris program must possess a valid U.S. passport that does not expire within six (6) months after the conclusion of the internship semester.

Additionally, international interns are required to obtain a visa if they will be in their internship country longer than 90 days. The Public Policy Internship Program staff can provide verification documents as needed; however, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to research and execute the visa application process. Please visit the German, British, French, or Spanish consulate's website for the most current visa information.