Intern Blog

The First 24

The first 24 hours in Austin require a few adjustments.

Opportunity Requires Sacrifice

If you ever feel compelled to make the most of your college experience, consider an internship.

Policy & the City

Three of the many things I have learned while interning at the capitol.

Taking a Call

A brief reflection into the calls we take and the call we answer.

Bright Lights, Big City: The How-To Guide on Moving to Austin

Congratulations! You received an internship working for the Texas Capitol, so what happens next? Here are five tried and true ways to help you along your new adventure!

So, What are You Studying?

My experience with the usually vanilla question: "So, what are you studying?" The sometimes exciting, sometimes panic-inducing way to start a conversation with a college student.

A Few Restaurants Near the Texas Capitol in Austin

A list of some good restaurants near the Capitol or in the downtown Austin area

What You’ll Actually be Doing in Your First Month at the Capitol

My post describes what my first month has been like. It's purpose is to serve as a reference and resource for future interns seeking to better prepare themselves prior to departure.

Learning How to Adapt to a New Season in Your Life Post Graduation

By appreciating the present, it helps eases the anxiety and worries of post-graduation.

Embrace the Awkwardness

I find myself in awkward situations throughout my life, but the City of Austin has proved to be the place where my ability to embarrass myself has truly thrived. From meeting elected officials and not knowing it to taking random pictures in front of the State Capitol, I always seem to find myself in awkward situations.

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