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Is Everyone Lost & Confused or is it Just Me?

Let me start off with saying that I am not good with directions. Austin and the capitol building take this to a new level. I don't think that I have ever spent so much time being lost as I have in Austin. When I say that I have spent a lot of time lost, I mean a lot.

Let's start with moving to Austin! I knew ahead of time what my address was, but even with Google I had th...

Navigating the Scary Changes of a New Chapter

Choosing this internship and beginning the job has been terrifying...but also wonderfully clarifying.

Interning at the State Capitol 101

These people come here, and work hard for their constituents because they truly want to help them and work to make Texas a better place. Seeing my representative strive to do that every time he is in the office really motivates me to work harder.

The Best Queso Spots in Austin

As promised in my biography, I set out to sample all the best queso spots in Austin. Obviously, there’s no way to have tried the vast restaurants in the food capitol of Texas, however I will seek to give you an update on my ventures thus far.

Proposals, Cold Chains, and Mexican Food

It has been the little things in this internship that have been the greatest moments of this internship.

An Ode to My Memory Foam Pillow

I came to realize that maybe there was a nice metaphor to be found in this whole situation. Moving to another country alone is really hard, but running away from the challenges you face is no way to deal with them.

An Introvert’s Guide to Interning in Washington, D.C.

Moving to Washington, D.C. without your usual friends or family can be an introvert’s nightmare. But there are benefits to throwing yourself in an unfamiliar world.

Why an Internship is More Than a Job

Thought an internship was just a job? Think again. Here's my advice to make the most of your time away from college:

10 Things You Didn't Know About DC

The little quirks that make DC so unique, and how to find the meaning behind it all.

Small Town Girl Finds Passion in the Big City

It’s been over a year, and I still find myself asking, “How did a chicken-raising, boot-loving, dirt-accustomed, small town girl find herself so infatuated with Washington, D.C.?” I discovered I really fell in love with the passion people had for public service that can only be found in a nation’s capital like Washington, D.C. I have that same passion. I want to create c...

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