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What You Should Know About Eating in D.C.

D.C. is an expensive town in which to eat, but I have some tips that may be helpful.

How to Take Advantage of Your Internship

Networking and the importance of reaching out to everyone

Lessons from inside the Beltway

Life as an intern is about more than The Office

What You Should Know about People in D.C.

A bubbly girl's experience in a big city and the realization that being an adult is simply BUSY.

How to Stand out in a City Full of Interns

This blog entails my top five tips for how to set yourself a part from the mass amounts of interns in Washington, D.C.

When Your Boss is Better than Michael Scott

Over the past few weeks as an intern at International Justice Mission, I have seen what it's like to work purposefully as a team for an ambitious goal of ending modern-day slavery. I am inspired daily by the stories of the people I meet in D.C. Overall, the only thing that could make this experience better is ice cream! 

Summer Internships are like Ugly Bookstores

Internships can be chaotic and confusing, however the lessons learned along the way are worth it!

Remembering Our Heroes

Want to know how did we spend our very first weekend in Washington, DC? Hint: It involved flowers, the Beach Boys, and President Obama.

D.C. Adventures

You never know what adventures lie ahead. Be open to what life has to offer!

Lesson in Flexibility

International internships are the best opprotunity to constantly be learning about a job, a culture, and yourself!

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