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History Crash Course

Is traveling to century old cities similar to crash course and cramming for an exam?

Why we work

A look at why we work, what gives us "happiness", and what we should focus on

So, what are you doing in DC?

The question every intern struggles to respond to, because there's no short answer!

An Evening of Public Service

What does it mean to serve? Such a simple question that reflects such a vast pool of answers within the realm of public service. If there is one answer that I'm searching for

A snow day at the Washington Monument

A brief look-back at the D.C. snow day on February 17, 2015 and the effect it had on us Fightin' Texas Aggies!

You want a what?

I work on a lot of very diverse constituent cases and have learned so much. It has been extremely rewarding to have the opportunity to help people when they are at their wits end. 

So, what is a cold chain?

"... in all honesty before the PPIP team told me about them I had no idea what the “cold chain” was."

Another Night at the Ambassador's

“It is so nice to meet you, Victoria,” he said while shanking my hand. “I assure you Mr. Ambassador,” I replied, “the pleasure is all mine.”

“I mean, look around you.”

I withdrew from our whispered conversation and did just that. The large, open room behind me was well furnished and inviting with wide corridors that le...

An Aggie Hill-tern

Howdy! My name is Derek McKee, and I am currently interning for Senator John Cornyn on Capitol Hill. As a fellow “hill-tern,” a term respectfully given to us by our peers, I have the pleasure of working in the capitol every day. Every morning, when I am walking past the Library of Congress, The Supreme Court, and The Capitol itself, I am plainly in awe. I think about the opportunity...

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