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Meet our Summer 2023 International Intern!

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Alex Volpe
Centre International de Formation Européenne

About Alex

Alexander Volpe, a sophomore in the Texas A&M University Honors Program and is studying German and political sciencey. As an avid student of history, philosophy, and global language, Alex has busied himself with studying abroad and attempting to immerse himself in new things. After his freshman year, Alex spent the summer semester studying in Bonn where he lived with a German host family and began to concretely see and feel the subtle and not so subtle cultural differences between Germany and the United States. This discovery and the realizations that came with it fueled him to embrace the learning process and uncover a desire to understand; as an extension of that, Alex has served as a Student Abroad Ambassador allowing him to share his love of travel and the German language. Alex also volunteered his time serving as the service executive for his men’s org, LEGION, helping to build partnerships and manage relationships with the community in the past year. He hopes to gain not only a valuable cultural experience from the PPIP with CIFE, le Centre International de Formation Européenne, in Berlin but also to begin what is hopefully an enriching start career in the international arena