Washington, D.C.


Meet the summer 2022 interns for our Washington, D.C. program!

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Mathias Brantley
Office of Senator John Kennedy

About Mathias

Mathias Brantley is junior studying construction science with a business minor at Texas A&M University. He grew up in Austin, Texas, with the dreams of one day serving in the United States Military. After a Rugby injury caused him to be medically disqualified from the military, he has decided to serve his country through political involvement. He has always been passionate about people and strives to ensure the success of others. Mathias has been involved with the Aggie Men’s Club, Student Senate, The REACH Project, and his local Church. The development of his peers to reach their greatest potential has always been at the forefront of his mind. Through the Public Policy Internship Program, Mathias will intern for the Office of Senator John Kennedy (R-LA). This will be very influential for him as he determines the future trajectory of his life. He is very excited to experience Washington D.C., make an impact on those around him, and learn more about our government.

Tanvi Deshpande
U.S. Department of Justice

About Tanvi

Tanvi Deshpande is a senior at Texas A&M from Plano, Texas. She is majoring in psychology and minoring in philosophy and neuroscience. Tanvi is currently a member of Aggie Minority Women in Law, a pre-law organization geared toward helping minorities aspiring to be lawyers. She is also a part of Philsa Modern; a hip-hop dance team centered in Texas A&M. She aspires to become an attorney in the future and has taken part in numerous activities to recognize that goal. For instance, she interned at The Borgen Project, where she met with members of Congress and Congressional staffers in her State and District to discuss poverty-related policy. Tanvi also mobilized individuals to contact their members of Congress in support of key poverty-reduction legislation. Tanvi's passion for making a difference in the world through the lens of the law drives her to pursue a career in the legal field.
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Intern Photo

Erin Feng
Office of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

About Erin

Erin Feng is a rising junior sociology major with a double minor in English and economics at Texas A&M University. Originally from Dallas, Texas, she became interested in education policy and racial justice policy in high school after joining the speech and debate team. At Texas A&M University, Erin is highly involved in the Asian Presidents’ Council (APC) and the Asian American Studies Initiative. She is passionate about Asian American representation and race and ethnic studies. As an APC officer, she has planned and executed numerous events focused on bringing awareness and facilitating discussion of Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans (APIDA) sociopolitical issues. This year, Erin founded the Asian American Studies Initiative (AASI) to advocate for the creation of Asian American Studies on campus. In addition, she is a research assistant for the ADVANCE COVID-19 Research Project researching the impacts of COVID-19 on scholars at Texas A&M. This summer, Erin will be interning with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s office. She plans to pursue a JD to further create social change for marginalized communities.

Greyson Gee
Office of Congressman Kevin Brady -and- House Ways & Means Committee

About Greyson

Greyson Gee is a senior economics and political science double-major minoring in philosophy from Lufkin, Texas. During his time at Texas A&M, he has served as a member of Fish Aides, the MSC Student Conference on National Affairs, and as both a delegate and director for the MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference. Furthermore, Greyson has served as a member of the SGA Legislative Relations Commission and works to represent the concerns of the student body at the state and federal legislatures. Additionally, he is establishing the Texas A&M Branch of the American Conservation Coalition, a nonprofit organization working to promote market-based climate solutions and environmental conservation through local action. Previously, Greyson has served as a policy intern with the Office of State Representative James White, and currently is a development student assistant at the Texas A&M Foundation. This summer, Greyson will be interning with the House Ways and Means Committee and the Office of Congressman Kevin Brady as an Economic and Legislative Intern. Greyson hopes that his time spent in D.C. will only further solidify his dedication to serving his country and provide greater insight into the legislative process. After graduation in May 2023, Greyson hopes to pursue a career in government relations or begin a graduate program that will best equip him for future success.
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Delanie Gomez
U.S. Air Force - Office of Public Affairs

About Delanie

Delanie Gomez is a first-generation Aggie from San Antonio, Texas. She is a recent Texas A&M graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Society, Ethics, and Law and double minors in Philosophy and Public Health. Throughout her career at A&M, Delanie was involved in Pre-Law Society, and Aggie Minority Women in Law serving on the Career Development Committee. Advocacy has played a big part in her undergraduate career, and she will be attending Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law in the fall of 2022. She has previously completed an internship with a criminal defense law firm in the summer of 2021, and continuously volunteered with the Lone Survivor Foundation, a veterans’ support organization, during her freshman and sophomore years. Delanie has a desire for change and plans to pursue a career in the United States Air Force Judge Advocate General’s Corps as a military attorney. This summer, Delanie will be interning with the office of Air Force Public Affairs in their Engagement Division at the United States Pentagon. In doing so, she hopes to make connections, and gain a new insight on military culture. Delanie is extremely excited to be on the path of her future career and hopes to permanently move to Washington D.C. in the future.

Gracia Luo
U.S. Space Force - Office of Public Affairs

About Gracia

Gracia Luo is a recent Texas A&M graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science with minors in Chinese and Business from Allen, Texas. She attributes the opportunities and realizations throughout her undergraduate career to the Lord and the selfless sacrifices her parents have made to help support her. At Texas A&M, Gracia served as the Chief Executive Officer for Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. During her time as CEO, she was consistently encouraged by each member's perseverance toward their callings and grace toward each challenge. It is what inspires her to continue to "press on" throughout her professional and personal endeavors. Gracia attributes discovering her purpose for her passions to her time as a delegate and director for the MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference. By refining her values of perseverance, grace, and prudence and especially reflecting on her family story, the goal to have a career in public service came clear. She also served through Aggie Muster Committee and Fish Camp. Gracia is passionate about the overlap between cybersecurity, internet technology policy, China, and U.S. private data.  Her time as an Interoperability Institute Intern for Texas A&M Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center and as a Public Affairs intern for the American Red Cross beginning in 2021 shaped the trajectory of her professional career. Thanks to the mentors that came through these two internships and professors, Gracia has been able to participate in Steering Committee meetings regarding the future of interoperability, public safety, and innovations regarding internet technology. She looks forward to carrying these experiences with her at Air Force Public Affairs while working for the U.S. Space Force department. Through this internship, Gracia is even more expectant to learn from experts and leaders to help refine her policy proposals regarding technology policy. After this summer, Gracia will enter as a Master of International Affairs candidate at the Bush School of Government and Public Service.
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Intern Photo

David Naguib
U.S. Department of Commerce

About David

David Naguib is a junior Political Science and International Studies double major with minors in cybersecurity and Arabic studies. He is a first-generation Aggie from Plano, TX, who became interested in politics by discussing the Arab Spring with his parents. This interest was then fostered through dual credit American government classes at Dallas’ Bishop Lynch High School, which he attended alongside his twin sister. David is continuing his education at Texas A&M University, where he is a University Honors student. He has been accepted to the Texas A&M Mock Trial Team, serves as an Aggie Network Student Ambassador, and is an active member of the Moderates Club and the Arabic Club. During the spring of 2022, David worked as an intern for Congressman Pete Sessions in his College Station office. This opportunity gave him an insight into how elected officials communicate with their constituents and help their districts. After graduation, David plans to attend law school and is interested in cyber policy because of the profound impact the internet has on our society. This summer, he will intern at the Office of Strategy and Engagement (OSE) within the International Trade Administration at the U.S. Department of Commerce. He looks forward to learning about data analytics, and the effects policy has on trade relations between the United States and private companies.

Julia Patterson
Office of Congressman Pete Sessions

About Julia

Julia Patterson is a junior at Texas A&M University, where she majors in political science. Julia graduated as valedictorian from Round Top-Carmine High School. At Texas A&M, she is a member of the Board of Directors for MSC SCONA and attended the Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference. Julia is also a member of Phi Kappa Phi, from which she was one of two freshmen in the College of Liberal Arts to be honored with the Dean's Excellence Award. In the last Texas legislative session, she served as a registered lobbyist for KK125 Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, becoming one of the youngest lobbyists in Texas.  This summer, Julia will be interning in Congressman Pete Session’s office under his healthcare Legislative Director. In the future, Julia plans to continue her advocacy as a lobbyist for people with disabilities.
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Intern Photo

Mariana Saitas
Environmental Protection Agency

About Mariana

Mariana Saitas is a first-year Ph.D. Toxicology student from Austin, Texas. In the fall of 2021, Mariana rotated with Dr. Weihsueh Chiu in the department of veterinary integrative biosciences and worked on the Climate Vulnerability Index project, where she aided in creating a national GIS environmental mapping tool. During this rotation, she harnessed her visualization skills in ArcGIS, ToxPi, and Microsoft and programming skills in R. In the spring of 2022, Mariana rotated and officially joined Dr. Natalie Johnson’s laboratory in the department of environmental and occupational health. Her project focuses on the respiratory health effects of volatile organic compound exposures in children after an environmental disaster. Mariana has always been interested in air quality. Her experience with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in the Toxicology, Risk Assessment, and Research Division as an environmental analyst intern helped shape the path she is on today. She is interested in risk assessment and regulation concerning air and water quality. This summer, Mariana is excited to explore these topics at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the Office of Land and Emergency Management.

Whitney Seiler
Bose Public Affairs

About Whitney

Whitney Seiler graduated from Texas A&M University in May 2022 with a degree in psychology and a minor in philosophy. She is originally from San Antonio, Texas, but has lived in a few different places during her childhood. She came to Texas A&M University in August of 2018 with an open and eager mind and has loved every moment of her time here. Throughout Whitney’s four years, she has been involved in The Big Event, the Collegiate Panhellenic Council, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and has worked in the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Student Organization Development and Administration office. She served as the Programs Executive member for The Big Event, and the Vice President of Recruitment for the Collegiate Panhellenic Council. The 2016 election sparked her love for politics, and she has wanted to move to the capital since then. Whitney is ecstatic to be interning with Bose Public Affairs Group for the summer of 2022 and is excited to begin her career in Washington, D.C.
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Intern Photo

José Solis
Global Cold Chain Alliance

About José

José Solis is a rising sophomore majoring in society, ethics, and law at Texas A&M University. He plans to pursue graduate school after his graduation. Originally from the city of Conroe, José took the opportunity to focus on research around his two minors: philosophy and international agricultural development. Under his primary research, José analyzed how students across Texas A&M University perceived the TAMU Honor Code and Core Values. Under his secondary research, José evaluated how rural Guatemalan women are empowered or disempowered by these gender-based projects. With these two projects, José hopes to produce two undergraduate thesis papers at Texas A&M University. Aside from his research interests, José is heavily involved in the Student Government Association as the Chief of Staff for the Diversity Commission. Through his role, José has worked to provide an avenue to advance conversations regarding climate, race relations, and inclusivity on campus. This Summer, José will be interning with the Global Cold Chain Alliance in Washington, D.C. José looks forward to refining his abilities while applying them to the international aid and development policy field.

David Winter
University of Maryland - ARLIS

About David

David is from Livingston, New Jersey. Although he spent most of his time growing up in the northeast, he went on to earn his undergraduate degree at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. There he studied neuroscience, where his interest in psychology and biology met, and anthropology, which stimulated his curiosity about Asian culture. After obtaining a B.A. in 2014, David joined the Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Program to explore Asia and continue his Japanese studies from undergraduate school. Between 2015 and 2020, David would teach junior high school and high school students English in a small countryside town in northern Kyoto prefecture. During his tenure on the JET Program, David would participate in various volunteer groups to promote cultural exchange and community building. His interests and experiences abroad, and his love of the south, led him to pursue a master’s degree in International Affairs at the George Bush School of Government & Public Service. Currently, he is studying diplomacy and grand strategy because his experiences abroad have motivated these academic interests. David hopes to contribute to defense policy formulation and analysis in the future.
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