Washington, D.C.

Meet the Spring 2023 interns for our Washington, D.C. program!

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Pearl Anadu
National Farmers Union

About Pearl

Pearl Anadu is a recent Aggie graduate from Katy, Texas. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a minor in Sociology. She has always loved to read but her time in college has expanded her pallet to include such works as scholarly papers and peer-reviewed articles that often form the basis of legislative policy at the national level. During her time here at Texas A&M, she has been involved with many organizations that serve minority students. She was a member of the outreach committee in the organization Aggie Minority Women in Law which works to prepare minority women for the rigors of law school while also serving the local community through volunteer projects. She was also a mentor in Excel, an organization that works to help Black freshmen on campus better adjust to the workload and pressures of college life. Additionally, she combined her love for education and service by taking up a tutoring position where she worked with children K-12 in math, reading, and writing courses. Pearl also had the pleasure of interning at a Democratic Office where she worked under the County Chair raising funds for local candidates, organizing rallies, and preparing candidates for political debates. She also had the opportunity to co-host a live radio show where she discussed contemporary issues within the domestic and global Black community as well as providing a safe space for minority students to address inclusivity on campus. She plans on pursuing her J.D. with the desire to help create structural changes in our society that benefit historically underrepresented groups. Pearl is excited to have this wonderful opportunity and hopes to grow her understanding of the legislative process by gaining practical experience in Washington D.C.

Amy Arceo
Office of Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee

About Amy

Amy Araceli Arceo is a first-generation college and US citizen from Houston, Texas. She intends to serve as an example for first-generation students after earning an Associate's degree in the arts from her high school at the age of 18 and a Bachelor's degree in International Studies and a minor in Spanish from Texas A&M at the age of 20 in December 2022. Her life's work is to motivate the next generation, especially those who are the first in their family to seek higher education. At age 6, she first became interested in politics and diplomacy after returning from school and witnessing Barack Obama become the first African American to be elected president of the United States. To witness a person of color, as the daughter of Mexican immigrants, demonstrated to her that she can succeed and serve as a voice for others who lack one. Amy's campus career as a Student Exchange Ambassador, where she met a range of students from all different walks of life, was her favorite accomplishment during her time at Texas A&M. Her passion for learning about other cultures particularly grew in this environment, inspiring her to complete a two-month study abroad program in Granada, Spain. She now holds an internship opportunity with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, a Houston-area politician. She looks forward to following in the footsteps of powerful women in politics during her Spring internship and becoming the voice that she dreamed she could see as a child. Amy is eager to start her path toward fulfilling her lifelong goal of being a successful female Mexican-American politician.
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Katherine Argueta
Office of Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia

About Katherine

Katherine Argueta is a first-generation student from Katy, Texas, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from the College of Arts and Sciences, with a minor in Performance Studies. Upon completing her undergraduate studies, she plans to attend law school to study environmental law. Katherine’s passion for the environment stemmed from a very young age.  She grew concerned as a little girl, after learning about endangered species, pollution, and climate change, but it wasn’t until Hurricane Harvey in 2017 that she gained interest in environmental public policy and law. After witnessing the impacts of climate change first hand, she joined Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and got the opportunity to meet with a variety of representatives like Pete Olson to advocate for carbon fee legislation. Katherine carried these ambitions over to her studies at Texas A&M by joining the Human Environmental Animal Team (H.E.A.T.) chapter on campus, as well as working on undergraduate research building a worldwide database of the various species of foraminifera. Currently, she will intern with the office of Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia, and hopes to apply the importance of public service and policy towards a career as an environmental attorney, focusing on environmental justice.

Olivia Baba
Office of Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher

About Olivia

Olivia Baba recently graduated summa cum laude from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and a minor in Arabic Studies. Her major specialized in politics and diplomacy and had a regional concentration in the Middle East. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and is the first Aggie in her family. Olivia attributes her passion for international studies to her personal background. Coming from an Arab family, she was immersed in the culture and politics of the Middle East growing up. During her time at Texas A&M, Olivia was involved with various clubs, organizations, and activities such as Aggie Minority Women in Law, Liberal Arts Student Council, and Freshmen Liberal Arts Reaching Excellence. She was a member of the Liberal Arts Cornerstone Honors Program. Olivia was a student researcher and Aggie Research Scholar. The research project she worked on, Intercultural Engagement Among Diverse Youth, facilitated cultural exchange between students in Bryan, Texas, and in Songshan, China. Two summers ago, Olivia realized her interest in legislation during her time as an intern at the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office. In the summer of 2022, Olivia studied abroad in Morocco. There, she immersed herself in a new culture and solidified her interest in foreign policy. Olivia is looking forward to gaining experience with PPIP before beginning graduate school to further her studies of international affairs and eventually pursuing her Juris Doctorate.
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Austin Biehle
U.S. Department of the Interior - National Park Service, Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Programs Division

About Austin

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Austin Biehle is a senior psychology major and incoming law student at Texas A&M University. Over the past few years, Austin has developed a passion for the law and sustainability through work experience and extracurricular positions. During the summer of 2021, he worked as a legal clerk for Pagel, Davis & Hill, a law firm in Houston, Texas. This experience immersed him in the legal field, allowing him the opportunity to develop research, writing, and organizational skills. He also learned to manage data by assembling binders for trial and organizing financial records and timelines. Most importantly, this experience taught him to work independently, communicate effectively with his supervisors, and adapt to changing demands. Regarding Austin’s extracurricular experiences, he served as the Information Chair for the Aggie Green Fund Advisory Committee, a grant-making organization committed to funding sustainable projects on the Texas A&M campus. This organization aims to empower students and faculty to make the campus more environmentally friendly. He promoted the organization through presentations and workshops, demystifying the process to encourage potential grantees to apply for funding. In total, he helped fund 15 projects for over $150,000. These projects ranged from installing recycling bins in residence halls to transforming unused outdoor spaces into socially-sustainable educational platforms. Ultimately, the projects reduced Texas A&M’s carbon footprint and created a lasting community impact. Seeking to expand his understanding of the intersection of the law and sustainability, Austin will be interning with the U.S. Department of the Interior - National Park Service, Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Programs Division. Interning with this office will provide him with the support and guidance necessary to fully develop his interests so that he can best serve his future clients as an environmental attorney.

Garrett Copeland
Space Force Public Affairs

About Garrett

Garrett Copeland is a recent magna cum laude graduate from Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a minor in economics. He grew up in a military household that eventually settled in Cedar Park, Texas. From a young age, Garrett always had a fascination with history, which furnished his desire to learn more about social and education policy. During his time at Texas A&M, Garrett was heavily involved in the University Honors Program, and has had the opportunity to develop his passions further through numerous research and educational opportunities under Professor José Cheibub. Garrett was also involved in the canvassing of Williamson County, where he grew to appreciate the value of interpersonal engagement with those who may not be accustomed to it. This spring, Garrett will be interning at the Strategy and Assessments Division of Space Force Public Affairs, where he hopes to develop his interests and find direction in his career path going forward.
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Robert Davidson
Office of Congressman Tony Gonzales

About Robert

Robbie Davidson graduated in December 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a minor in business. He grew up in Katy, Texas and now runs and operates a startup children’s summer camp that he organized with his friends. Robbie has a strong passion for working in small business and working with children to help them with their creative endeavors. During his time as a student at Texas A&M, Robbie was a part of MSC Townhall where he worked in special events. He worked with a team that organized local bands and other artists to perform on campus for students. He hopes that this internship will bring him valuable experience an a unique perspective to further grow his startup and for other future projects.

Alexandria Gonzalez
Office of Congressman Lloyd Doggett

About Alexandria

Alexandria Gonzalez graduated from Texas A&M University in December of 2022 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education, Summa Cum Laude. Transferring into the university during the Spring of 2020 and the first in her family to attend Texas A&M, Alexandria is a recipient of several awards, including the 2022 TLAC Departmental Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award and Always Except More of Aggie Teachers Award. As an aspiring educator, Alexandria is passionate about educating our future youth and dedicates her time to providing her students with meaningful and real-world learning experiences. As part of her commitment to education and helping those around her, Alexandria previously spent her free time on campus working as an Undergraduate Peer Mentor. As a UPM, Alexandria provided individual writing conferences and weekly office hours to undergraduates in the School of Education to administer meaningful constructive feedback on their assignments. To further her impact and involvement on campus, Alexandria also worked as an Instructional Design assistant where she trained 7 Texas A&M professors as they transitioned to a new learning platform, Canvas. Additionally, Alexandria served as Secretary and Treasurer in the Association of Childhood Education to help provide Aggie Educators with a diverse array of professional development learning experiences. Most recently, Alexandria worked as an Undergraduate Student Researcher, analyzing problems in teacher preparation programs and identifying solutions. Within this position, Alexandria received the Melbern G. Glasscock Humanities Research Award as well as the Undergraduate Student Research Initiative Award. Alexandria is currently working with her supervisor to publish her research within the next year. Presently, Alexandria is working as a Resident Student Teacher at Oakwood Intermediate School in College Station. She was selected as 1 out of 10 students in the School of Education to serve in College Station ISD as an employee for 1 year as part of the aggieTERM program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. After graduation, Alexandria will move to Washington D.C. as a participant of the Texas A&M Public Policy Internship Program to pursue her interest in Educational Policy. Alexandria’s goal is to learn more about education from diverse perspectives to further amplify the voices of our future generation. After completion of this internship, Alexandria hopes to move back to her hometown, San Antonio, to become a teacher in the fall and later pursue her Master’s Degree in Educational Policy and Administration.
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Grant Maclaurin
Twenty-First Century Group

About Grant

Grant Maclaurin is a senior from Fort Worth Texas, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science with a minor business. He then plans on attending law school to study civil litigation and fulfill his interest in Administrative law. In his collegiate career, he participated as a committee member for the Liberal Arts Student Council, where he was charged with promoting professional development for underclassmen as well as acting as a medium for other students to become more involved during their time at the university. Grant also interns with a local law firm focused on criminal law, assisting  with research and trial procedure. There, he has been able to become more accustomed to the procedure involved in the implementation of law and its precedent. Grant's interests include policy regarding transportation and infrastructure as well as access to public goods. This has been the underpinning for his desire to seek a career in national policy making. He hopes to use this experience to gain a better understanding of the interactions between national institutions and their differing interests.

Daniel Neylon
Office of Congressman Dan Crenshaw

About Daniel

Daniel Neylon is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas, graduating with a degree in political science. He is also a member of the University Honors Program and is pursuing a minor in history. During his time at Texas A&M, he has pursued a variety of extracurricular activities, such as working at the Chick-fil-A in the Memorial Student Center, competing with the Quizbowl team, and learning more about the legal field at Pre-Law Society meetings. After graduation, Daniel intends on pursuing his Juris Doctorate at a law school. From an early age, Daniel always enjoyed helping others reach compromises that benefited all sides. And as an Eagle Scout, Daniel learned the value of helping your local community. These joint desires for cooperation and community service led Daniel to pursue an internship where he could help others work together for their mutual benefit. This desire for service and cooperation led Daniel to the Office of Dan Crenshaw (TX 02), where he can help serve others and make compromises beyond his local community to the national stage.
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Zachary Nolan
Texas A&M University System - Office of Federal Relations

About Zachary

Zachary William Nolan graduated in December of 2022 with his B.S. in Materials Science & Engineering. He is a first-generation college student from Sugar Land, TX. As the son of a Texas elementary school teacher, Zach has maintained a passion for policy, especially as it pertains to education and transportation. Throughout his time as an undergraduate, Zach has joined various student organizations on campus. As a first-generation student, Zach was eager to dive into the rich history of traditions at Texas A&M and joined Class Councils to facilitate events from Senior Elephant Walk, Maroon Out, and Ring Dance. He then joined the Engineering Development committee in the Student Engineers’ Council to improve the freshman engineering experience and help general engineering majors learn more about the discipline and their place in the college. After entering his major, Zach served as the 2021-22 treasurer for the Texas A&M chapter of Material Advantage, a student organization that serves to develop students in the field of Materials Science. In his various roles, Zach’s primary goal was to give back to the university that has supported him so thoroughly by developing students in following classes and passing on the traditions that make A&M the home of the spirit that can “ne’er be told”. Zach is passionate about engineering and looks to begin his career with Applied Materials supporting semiconductor manufacturing processes beginning in August 2023. As a former student with a broad range of passions and interests, Zach hopes to gain insight into the inner workings of the policy-making process in the Capitol to round out his education.

Ripley Owens
Environmental Protection Agency - Office of Land & Emergency Management

About Ripley

Ripley Owens is a senior from Corpus Christi, Texas, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology, the study of culture. She is also pursuing a minor in Geology. Ripley is passionate about the effects of climate change and the ongoing water crisis.  In the past, Ripley has worked as a junior archaeologist and research assistant under the Center for the Study of the First Americans at Texas A&M. While working there, she was able to see the effects of climate change firsthand as rivers were becoming dry and glaciers were becoming nothing more than a snow pile. This inspired her to become involved with public policy as a way to advocate for the environment and the communities being impacted by these devastating changes. In the future, Ripley plans on applying to law school and becoming an environmental lawyer to ensure that future generations have a place to call home. She is thrilled to be interning at the Office of Land and Emergency Management this spring.
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Catalina Peña
Todd Strategy Group

About Catalina

Catalina Peña is a recently graduated Magna Cum Laude student from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. She is a first-generation Aggie from McAllen, Texas. Very early on, she became interested in protecting and promoting the health of all communities and individuals, especially that of her own. Catalina comes from the Rio Grande Valley (RGV). The RGV is considered one of the nation’s most medically underserved and impoverished regions as. Ultimately, she hopes to impact the health and socioeconomic burdens of the RGV through public health initiatives, policy, and advocacy. Currently, she strives on creating a more equitable community by being part of organizations such as the volunteer initiative Aggies All In, the Aggie Pride Alliance, and the Student Ambassadors program at the Higher Education Center at McAllen. Catalina is also a current Student Coordinator and oversees a total of seven student employees. This Spring, Catalina will be interning with the lobbying firm Todd Strategy Group in Washington D.C. and is excited to represent the RGV and to learn how advocacy can impact communities and persuade the law-making process.

Nadine Saab
US Department of Justice - Office of Legislative Affairs

About Nadine

Nadine Elizabeth Saab is a Business Management Major on the Pre-Law Track. A proud second-generation Aggie, Nadine was born in Houston, Texas but has lived her whole life overseas. An international background, coupled with her love for public speaking, and community service, lead her to wanting to pursue law. Her love for public policy was ignited at her first international Model United Nations conference held and hosted by the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland in 2019. With plans to pursue law school after her undergraduate degree, she has decided to accept an internship position within the US Department of Justice. Committed to delivering excellence in all fronts, Nadine serves as an executive officer to multiple student organizations and programs on campus. As a Councilmember/Judge on the Aggie Honor Council, Vice President of the Pre-Law Society, Chief of Communications in the Arab Student Association. She is also an Undergraduate TA for two classes within the Communications Honors Department, and in the fall of 2022, Nadine was selected to receive the Deans Excellence Award on behalf of the Mays School of Business. She also spends her time playing basketball, videogames, watching football, and loves spending time with her family and friends. Nadine is thrilled to have the opportunity to put all her time as part of the Public Policy Internship Program into her internship and aspires to develop the skills necessary to excel in the legal field to be of service to her community- both local and international. 
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Intern Photo

Kathryne Thomas
Bose Public Affairs Group

About Kathryne

Kathryne Thomas graduated in December of 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. She was born and raised in Georgetown, Texas and she is the first Aggie in her family. She hopes to attend law school and work in humanitarian law. Kathryne spent two years abroad studying in west London, and six months in Wellington, New Zealand. She obtained a British Associate of Arts Degree in Political Science. She loves to travel, experience different cultures, and try new foods. During her time at Texas A&M University, Kathryne was involved in the women’s organization Maggies. As a member, she participated in a minimum of 12 hours of community service a semester in the Bryan/College Station community. She enjoyed getting to know the community better and making a positive impact. During her senior year, she worked as a Legal Assistant at Rick Davis & Associates, a criminal litigation firm in Bryan, Texas. During this time she learned how to draft legal documents, assist in the courtroom, and create evidentiary exhibits. Kathryne will be interning for Bose Public Affairs Group, a lobbying firm that focuses on education, technology, and energy. She is excited to learn more about the political process, gain insight into legislation, and further her research skills.

Eric Urby
U.S. Agency for International Development - Center for Education

About Eric

Eric Urby is a recent Summa Cum Laude graduate and Phi Beta Kappa member of Texas A&M University from New Braunfels, Texas. He majored in philosophy, minored in English, and received a graduate certificate in advanced international affairs from Texas A&M’s Bush School of Government and Public Service. After his first of three years as a Fish Camp counselor, Eric participated in the Glasscock Summer Scholars program where he wrote his honor’s thesis “The Moral and Legal Implications of Granting Ecosystems Legal Personhood.” This experience sparked his passion for research and led to publications in various fields such as post-modern government structure, axiological taxonomy, and theories of aesthetics. In July 2022, Eric presented his work on the sartorial sublime at the American Society of Aesthetics Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With a desire to support others’ research, Eric led a team of undergraduate students assisting in dissertation development for the Aggie Research Program, while also serving as Editor-in-Chief of "Aletheia", Texas A&M’s undergraduate journal of philosophy. For his work as Editor-in-Chief, Eric received the Manuel Davenport Award for Service, as he spearheaded a new student internship program and established the annual International Virtual Conference of Undergraduate Philosophy (IV-CUP). During his tenure at "Aletheia", Eric pursued professional experience as the senior legal intern at the Hernandez Law Firm where he assisted in lawsuits ranging from child custody to wrongful death. His interest in law and policy deepened during his time as a legal aide in Metetí, Panama, where his brigade focused on addressing the inequality affecting Panamanian women and children. Thanks to growing up in a bi-cultural family and studying at Texas A&M University, Eric deeply appreciates other cultures. He is exploring his interests by interning at the Center of Education for the U.S. Agency for International Development.
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Intern Photo

Sakurako Vale
U.S. Dept. of Commerce - International Trade Administration , Global Markets Asia

About Sakurako

Sakurako Vale recently graduated with the Class of 2022 from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (politics and diplomacy track) and a minor in Japanese. Though she calls Houston, TX home, Sakurako was born in Honolulu, Hawai’i and as a military brat, grew up constantly on the move. Sakurako attributes the frequent travel she was lucky enough to experience throughout her childhood, as well as her attending school in both the U.S. and Japan, as the initial influences which would cultivate her love for learning about new languages and cultures. These experiences also allowed her to develop a deep interest in the relationship between the United States and other nations. Throughout her time at A&M Sakurako has been a part of the International Studies Departmental Honors program and was additionally involved in several organizations on campus including Japanese Language and Culture Club (JLCC) and Society for International Studies (SIS). SIS aided Sakurako in connecting with other international studies majors and JLCC allowed her to further develop her language skills as she served as a language mentor in the organization. Since her second semester at A&M Sakurako has also been a Japanese Teacher’s Assistant with the university and has helped lead students in both the intermediate and advanced level classes in various Japanese conversation and speaking practice. Sakurako is dedicated to learning more about the complex field of international relations and hopes to go to graduate school and pursue a master’s in international affairs. Through her internship with the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration, Sakurako hopes to learn more about how different policies between the U.S. and foreign states are created and is excited to represent A&M in the nation’s capital.