Washington, D.C.

Quick Reference

Location Washington, D.C.
Semesters Offered Spring, Summer, Fall
Intern After Graduation Yes (undergraduates only)
Length of Internship Full academic semester (15 weeks fall/spring, 10 weeks summer) per TAMU Academic Calendar


Washington, D.C. is one of the most vibrant and historical cities in the world and Public Policy Internship Program (PPIP) interns have the unique opportunity to live and work there for a semester! Spending a semester in our nation’s capital is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where students learn new skills, gain knowledge of the policy process, and establish a professional network. PPIP provides everything a student from Texas A&M University needs to take advantage of this exceptional experience. Students can both explore their future career path and fulfill their potential, all while enjoying everything the East Coast has to offer! Every student has a different experience as a PPIP intern, but every student returns to campus or goes on to the next stage in life with a better understanding of themselves and our federal government.

Working in Washington, D.C.

Since its establishment, the foundation of PPIP still remains the same – internship placements are driven by student interest. The PPIP staff works to find a variety of hosting offices and organizations that are as diverse as the students participating in PPIP. Any office or organization, which focuses on any policy issue, is a potential internship placement for PPIP interns. The major categories of internship placements include:

Possible Internship/Office Duties

As a PPIP intern, you can count on acquiring a set of transferable skills in the exciting and dynamic work environment of Washington, D.C. No matter where you choose to intern, you are bound to have a work experience unlike any job you have had before. Because the internship placement process is student-driven, rest assured your internship will match your interests and provide you with the chance to complete a range of daily tasks that may include (but are not limited to):
  • Researching policy issues
  • Compiling/distributing documents
  • Writing reports/memos
  • Tracking legislation
  • Attending hearings/briefings related to the office/organization’s interests
  • Assisting with special projects
  • Fielding inquiries from the public
  • General office duties

Living in Washington, D.C.

One of the greatest advantages of becoming a PPIP intern is the chance to live in our nation’s capital ­­‑ an amazing city rich with history and culture! Plus it is conveniently located near other major cities on the East Coast, like Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York City. Whether you like exploring big cities or seeing historic landmarks, many adventures lay in and, just outside of Washington, D.C. More specific information about life in and around Washington, D.C., is listed below.

Living Accommodations

PPIP is proud to offer fully furnished housing to its interns, rent-free for the semester. Our housing makes it easy for you to access Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, and of course, the museums and national monuments. Best of all, the housing is just blocks away from a Metro stop, making it an extremely accessible location. Click here to learn more about your potential home for the semester.

Getting Around the City

Washington, D.C., has one of the best and cleanest public transportation systems in the world with an outstanding subway (The Metro) and bus system! In less than a day, you’ll get the hang of the system and look just like a D.C. insider riding around town.

Seeing the Sights

Historic monuments, amazing museums, a lively nightlife, great restaurants, and more will keep you busy for the entire length of your internship! Get started on planning your weekend and evening adventures with these resources:

Traveling the East Coast

As a PPIP intern, this is your chance to spend a semester traveling to all the historical and exciting places that you have always wanted to see. Colonial Williamsburg, Boston, Gettysburg, the Blue Ridge Mountains and more exciting destinations are located just a few hours away. PPIP interns spend many weekends taking road trips to make the most of their internship experience! Take a look at the intern blog or social media for some of the recent adventures, or check out the Travel Channel guide to East Coast Road trips for ideas!