Aggies Commit

Posted on Thursday, Apr 18, 2019

As a student at Texas A&M University, I am committed to continuing to apply a high level of dedication to my work.

Through the course of this internship program I have learned that in order to meet my full potential I needed to apply a high level of dedication in my work. This is through both applying myself fully to my work as well as taking on a greater work load. To accomplish the task of applying myself fully to my work I have both stayed longer than a typical work day and gathered as much information as possible on my task. In both of these cases I believe that the quality of my work has improved as a result of dedicating myself more to my work. In order to accomplish my second task of taking on a greater work load is as simple as taking on as much work that is available to me. While at the same time taking on extra work when I can in order to apply myself further.

I have chosen this as my goal because I believe that the most important factor to a person’s success is their work ethic. I believe that increasing my work ethic is vital to the success I will have in not only this internship but my future career as well. I also believe that this goal exemplifies what the Aggies Commit program originally set out to do. It is of the upmost importance to me to succeed in all tasks presented to me to the fullest of my potential. It is also extremely important to me to represent my University to the full extent of my capabilities. This is why developing and maintaining a high level of dedication in my work is so important to me, as it meets both of these goals. It allows me to perform all my tasks to the fullest extent of my potential, and with this dedication it highlights the work ethic that is so abundant at Texas A&M and in its graduates. With this in mind I am proud to represent my university in this way.

Brandon Alaniz
Office of State Representative Phil Stephenson
Austin, Texas | spring 2019