As an Aggie

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

As an Aggie, I commit to leading by example. So far, my internship has taught me a lot of things, good and bad. But even from the bad things, I've tried to take a positive lesson. Having a job as a full-time staffer without the full-time staffer perks has taught me to continue to be humble and learn as much as possible. Even if I can’t afford to eat, my brain is replete with knowledge. That being said, I plan to continue to live my life by demonstrating to other students like me, first generations, minorities, broke college students, that yes, we can do whatever we set our minds to. That even if you were an ESL student you can be the one answering the phone at a Senate office. That even if you have never met a lawyer, you can work side by side with one and not feel inadequate. That even if you didn’t know there was an Intergovernmental Committee a year ago, or what it did, you are now a part of it.

My whole life my parents prepared me to become an Aggie without them realizing it. Excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect, and selfless service were all values that were engrained in my core. From driving to Oklahoma to donate essentials to tornado victims, to volunteering at church every Sunday, I learned the true value of selfless service and respect. Even when my family didn’t have much, we always helped those with greater need. When I first arrived at Texas A&M I felt like I didn’t belong. When I told people I attended A&M I would always get the "wait, what A&M? the one in College Station?" Even though I found my people early on thanks to my scholarship, it was extremely hard to even talk to other students in my classes because of past experiences where others had made me feel like less of a person.  After a couple of years, I realized it didn’t have to be like that. Being an Aggie became a part of my identity, and when I believed it, others stopped questioning it. I didn’t have to change the way I looked or talked to be an Aggie; I had always been one! The lack of representation in my life had encouraged me to think otherwise. Because of this, I commit to lead by example and inspire others like me to claim our identity, whatever that it might be, and be proud of it because that is who we are and there's no need to be ashamed of it.  We are what makes this body, this family, curves and all.

By leading by example, I commit to reaching my goals, and to pursue more after that. To habitually push myself to do and be better, and along with me take those that need a little drag.

Alejandra Luna
Office of State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr.
Austin, Texas | spring 2019