Commitment to Challenging Goals

Posted on Friday, Apr 26, 2019

As a student at Texas A&M University, I am committing to setting challenging goals for myself.

My commitment to setting challenging goals for myself has grown from a newfound self-confidence that my internship at the Texas Capitol has given me. My freshman year at A&M I heard about the Public Policy Internship Program and immediately knew it was something that I wanted to pursue. Because the Austin location was only offered during the spring semester of odd numbered years, when the Texas Legislature was in session, I was going to have to wait for two years. When the time came to apply, I almost didn’t. I was afraid I wouldn’t be accepted. However, that was not the case and now I have spent the last four months developing a sense of self-confidence that I never had before. Setting the goal my freshman year to be part of the PPIP program is what got me to this incredible internship. As an Aggie, making a commitment to set more challenging goals for myself will push me to explore different options and avenues that might not be opened to me otherwise. It’s important for me to set and follow through with these goals – after all, Aggies commit!

Lindsey Moore
Office of State Representative Four Price
Austin, Texas | spring 2019