Committed to a Lifetime of Learning & Giving Back!

Posted on Thursday, Apr 25, 2019

My name is Samantha Mares, my class year is 2018 and my major is Political Science. As an Aggie I am committed to a perpetual state of learning and advancing. Since I am participating in this internship post-graduation, I think the mindset of “oh, I got my degree already, I’m done with studying and learning material”, tends to seep in pretty easily. However, that mindset is so misguided. As a staffer in the Capitol, every week there are countless briefings to learn more on a specific area of policy. There are staffers that have been there for years that are dedicated to going to these, to educate themselves and expand their knowledge on a certain area of policy. Government touches so many areas of our lives, that there is no way that one can be fully educated in all of them proficiently. These briefings and the idea that you can always learn more, is reflective of how life should be approached. As an Aggie, I am committed to approaching whatever life throws at me with the mindset, that I can always learn more, and that I will never reach a level where I can’t benefit from more education.
Furthermore, as an Aggie I am committed to giving back. Throughout high school, and college I was involved in a number of organizations that were politically active. It wasn’t until I begin this internship that I really saw the benefit of participating in programs like that. I had learned so much about the legislative process that I had stored away in my brain, and now it was coming back to me full circle in my internship. Recently I had the opportunity, to give back to one of those organizations by speaking at their legislative day at the capitol to the junior and senior high school students there. I spoke to them about my job as a Legislative Aide to a State Representative. It was so rewarding to be able to stand there in front of those students and talk about the importance of being politically active, and the legislative process, knowing that a short five years ago I was sitting in their very same position, and back then I had no idea politics was something I wanted to pursue. Giving back is an incredibly rewarding feeling, and more importantly you are investing in someone’s life, and that reward is unparalleled to anything else. So, I challenge you: what are some ways you can further educate yourself, and give back to your community?

Samantha Mares
Office of State Representative Craig Goldman
Austin, Texas | spring 2019