Four Ways to Enjoy Your D.C. Experience

Posted on Friday, Apr 19, 2019

While there are politics aplenty in the U.S. Capital, sometimes you just need a little something for yourself, whether that is art, food, or history related. In the spirit of putting your personal wellness NOT last, check out my recommendations for a retreat from the day-to-day grind of D.C. business and politics. This list isn’t just for interns!
  1. Find the Fine Arts Scene
One of my favorite pastimes in D.C. has been finding free concerts to attend. You heard me right—free concerts. Unfortunately, if you were hoping for Aaron Watson or the Chainsmokers or some other similar band, that will cost you. But if you’re looking to hear world-class violinists, orchestras, quartets, and other culturally rich performances, the National Art Gallery has a concert series that is worth checking out. In addition, there is a website called Cultural Capital that can help you find events you want to attend, as many other museums and groups host concerts and other free events for the public.
  1. Eat Amazing, Affordable Food
While some people may be able to slide spending $30+ on brunch every weekend, some of us are not so fortunate. That is why I am telling you now about my favorite place to have brunch: Murphy’s Pub. Yes, it is in Alexandria, but it is a just a couple Metro stops and then a lovely 10 minute stroll away.  They also have Tuesday night trivia there, so take your three newest friends and split an Uber to enjoy a very affordable meal and some laughs at how bad your guesses were for the “Name the Celebrity” round of trivia.
  1. Visit Historical Sites (outside of D.C.)
You might get sick and tired of traversing the National Mall, but don’t worry. There are nearby spots that will help you get out of town, as well as visit sites you may not have a better chance to explore. One of my favorites so far has been Gettysburg, where I went last weekend (I recommend purchasing the auto tour in the gift shop to hit all the highlights).  Other places to visit include Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s beautiful home in Charlottesville, Virginia, James Monroe’s Highland home, and James Madison’s Montpelier. If you don’t have a car, there are a lot of car-sharing companies like Maven and Zipcar that are affordable, especially if you split expenses with a group. You can also buddy up with someone who DOES have a car and offer to split fuel costs.
  1. Take a Few Cliché Pictures
I was fortunate enough to be here during Cherry Blossom season, and while I’m not the biggest Instagrammer, I couldn’t pass up the chance to take a few iconic photos. While you may not be here during the spring, make sure to take a few shots to post home to your family. Check out the glamour shot I took of my Aggie ring!

Now that you’ve seen some of my suggestions, I hope that you can add some of your own. So tell me, how will you spend your free time living in D.C.?

Meghan Collier
Bose Public Affairs Group
Washington, D.C. | spring 2019