Walking the Path and Driving Change

Posted on Sunday, Apr 21, 2019

Texas is changing, and Texas A&M University students are driving that change. With so much of the 86th Legislative Session already complete, I’m observing a Texas Capitol under strain – desperate to pass meaningful reforms promised on the campaign trail. However, through all of the politicking, I see Aggie staffers walk through the pink dome unfazed, ready to assist in whatever capacity their office may need them. There is something different about the makeup of our student body – a strong willingness to work down to the smallest detail, past ideological divides, with a passion for public service and bettering the lives of everyday Texans. When Aggies commit to something, they commit fully and wholeheartedly. It is what separates us from the rest, as we know that to do any less would be an injustice to the Aggies that came before us.

In accepting admission to Texas A&M, I’d like to say I knew I was committing myself to a lifetime of learning. At the time of my acceptance, it was an easy decision to “commit,” while not fully knowing what it meant. Committing intentionally, thoughtfully, seemed to come with the receipt of my seat deposit. However, what happens over the course of four years (or 4.5 in my case) is more than just going through the Aggie motions: going to Fish Camp, joining an organization, participating in a few Traditions, getting your ring, and graduating. Yes, we naturally grow, adapt, and change over time through missteps and regrets – but within A&M’s culture you find additional motivation to take advantage of those high-impact opportunities that transform the way you think, feel, and believe in your ability to change the world. It may sound silly, but I had never heard of the world “intentional” before I came to A&M. Despite its overuse, I will forever associate it with Aggieland, as it was there I learned what it meant.

Undoubtedly, these last four-going-on-five months have had some of the strangest, most life-defining moments that I will remember for years to come. If it weren’t for the A&M culture – and the people who define it – I wouldn’t be able to make this experience an adventure. Some of my favorite memories wouldn’t be memories at all if I wasn’t surrounded by the Aggies that I love – the ones that make me more and more mystified at the power of the A&M family. Memories such as going home to my roommate and fellow PPIP Intern, Armando, and being able to share stories of what went on throughout our day, meeting new people and connecting with other Aggies in and around the Capitol, and being able to employ many of the lessons learned throughout my undergraduate career are what make this adventure worth it.

Almost every day, and certainly every week, I meet an A&M former or current student I believe will change the world in their own way. I am just happy to be able to surround myself here in Austin with so many of those people and watch as they effortlessly make a difference in the lives of so many. So here I am, thoughtfully, intentionally, committing myself to walk their path and drive change. Wearing this ring, having this degree, demands it.

Spencer Krumholz
Texas A&M Engineering Government Relations
Austin, Texas | spring 2019