My Top 5 Smithsonian Museums

Posted on Thursday, Apr 02, 2020

Just arrived at Washington DC and not sure what to do? Only here for a limited time and you want to maximize your time? Then do not fret because this blog is for you! With such a large city, Washington DC is often an endless maze of tourist spots that most people simply do not have the time to visit every major spot out there and with 19 Smithsonian Museums to visit, it can be overwhelming and confusing and as someone who only as a limited amount of time here, I understand your pain.  Thus, in order to help you decide on which ones to attend, I will list my top 5 museums that I have attended.
  1. Natural History Museum
The National History Museum is one of the largest and most extensive museums in the United States. Filled with multiple artifacts, the Museum is one of the best places to visit in DC. Whether you are interested in exploring the age of Dinosaurs to understanding the threat of climate change, the National History Museum is guaranteed to provide you a thrilling exploration of the history of the Earth
  1. The American History Museum
While the Natural History Museum takes you through a walk-through millions of years compressed into a few hours, the American History Museum is slightly less daunting as it only covers the history of the United States. While walking through the museum it is important to set aside an entire day as you traverse through every aspect of American history ranging from the birth of our nation to the industrial strength of America.
  1. The Holocaust Museum
Unlike the other Smithsonian’s listed on this list, this one tackles the plight of a group of people that are not primarily US citizens. Instead the Holocaust Museum documents the tragic story of the Holocaust, and the lives of those which have been lost. In order to visit this museum, one must prepare themselves for the horrors and sadness that they would witness in this museum.
  1. The African American Museum
This museum tackles another group of Marginalized people. In this case, it is the history of African American’s inside the United States. While the museum tackles heavy hitting topics such as slavery and segregation, it also places great emphasis on the fight for civil rights and the sacrifices of African American Solders. The museum also provides an unexpected twist by also heavily investing in creating exhibits over African American Cultural icons in Sports, Music, Fashion, Entertainment etc.
  1. The Native American History Museum
This museum tells the tale of Native Americans bother before and after colonization.In order to preserve the culture of countless tribes, lost to western expansion, this museum hosts countless of artifacts that are worth your time to see.

Samuel Yang
National Academy of Public Administration
Washington, D.C. | spring 2020