The Internship Bag

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 01, 2020

What I keep in my bag:
  • Umbrella
    • Like Texas, the weather in D.C. can be very unpredictable. I carry an umbrella with me every day just in case of a bout of surprise rain!
  • Phone Charger
    • Days can be long during your internship, and if you’re like me, your phone will probably be low on charge by the end of the day. I always keep a phone charger with me so I can be sure I have a charged phone for my commute home!
  • Notebook
    • I use my notebook all day long during my internship. I use it for things like taking down notes to remember and writing down new tasks. When attending hearings and meetings its always best to have a notebook with you to take notes.
  • Snacks
    • Instead of carrying around an extra bag for my lunch I usually just stuff what I am having for the day in my internship bag. Depending on how long your day is, its important to have snacks to keep you going all day long.
  • Things to touch up with
    • I always keep a hairbrush, some makeup, and perfume in my bag incase there is an event I would like to go to after work and I need to freshen up.  There are always a ton of events in the evening time on the hill so it is best to always be prepared!
  • Shoes for the day
    • I choose not to wear my work shoes during my commute to work, which is fairly common here in DC. I wear tennis shoes during my commute, and keep my shoes for the day in my bag. I change my shoes when I get to work and keep my tennis shoes under the desk.
  • Metro card
    • When commuting in DC it is completely necessary to have a metro card, unless you work nearby where you live! I keep mine in the slot in the back of my wallet so it is easy to access when getting on/off the metro.
  • Reusable Water Bottle
    • I use a reusable water bottle every day. It’s easy to re-fill reusable bottles and you are reducing your waste while using it!
  • Headphones
    • I keep headphones in my bag not for work, but for during my commute. Almost everyone on the metro and walking has headphones on and it makes the time go by faster if you are listening to music or podcasts!
  • Reusable Coffee cup
    • I’m a coffee drinker, so I always have a cup to go in the mornings. I bought a reusable cup so I wouldn’t have a reason to buy Starbucks/Dunkin every morning.
  • Business Cards
    • This is another necessary item you need in your internship bag. You never know when you are going to meet someone you need to give your business cards to. I bought a cheap holder to keep them in from Amazon so they wouldn’t get messed up
That’s everything I keep in my very full internship bag. All of my items help me in being the best intern I can be, and that I am as comfortable as possible during my day. What do you keep in your work bag?

Jacey Jolly
Office of Congressman Kevin Brady
Washington, D.C. | spring 2020