An Aggie Hill-tern

Posted on Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014

As a fellow “hill-tern,” a term respectfully given to us by our peers, I have the pleasure of working in the capitol every day. Every morning, when I am walking past the Library of Congress, The Supreme Court, and The Capitol itself, I am plainly in awe. I think about the opportunity that has presented itself and how blessed I have been to be a part of the PPIP program – sister program to ANRP.

I also realized the sheer amazingness of the Texas A&M network. I have over six Aggies in my office alone. We are very present in the nation’s capitol, and I could not have asked for a more welcoming experience. Above, you can see the Capitol as I walk to work each day. The beautiful dome, also known as 8.9 million pounds of cast-iron according to my tour-guide training, stands far above all. It is a physical representation of the freedom we enjoy as Americans. I have loved every second of my time on the hill. Who knows? I may never go back to Texas.

Tags: Internship, PPIP