August 2018

What Eating a Lot of Ice Cream Taught Me about Being an Intern

Life is full of lessons learnined through everyday events. Here are a few pieces of advice on getting the most out of your internship by treating it like you would treat eating ice cream.

Ask & You Shall Receive (How to get the Japanese to Buy You Tea)

Do you want to have an amazing D.C. experience? It starts with knowing what you want - and how to ask for it.

The Next Space Age is Upon Us!

The human race is entering into the next space age. It is important that people are up-to-date with current events in this important new business and regulatory market.

I am Here for a Good Time, not a Long Time

How to ensure "once in a lifetime experiences" become the norm in your life.

5 Things You Need to Plan Ahead in D.C.

The most iconic and well-known sites to visit in D.C. take a bit of planning to see. Here is a list of things I wish I had known before interning.

Vegan on a Budget - D.C. Edition

Are you planning on interning in Washington, D.C. while on a student budget? Furthermore, are you vegan and wondering how you might be able to maintain a vegan lifestyle in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S.? This blog will provide tips and tricks to being vegan on a budget in Washington, D.C.