La Galerie/COP21

Posted on Monday, Dec 21, 2015

During my time at the U.S. Commercial Service in France I was able to attend La Galerie, which is an event that happened in conjunction with the COP21. For those who don’t know the COP21 is the UN annual meeting discussing climate change and this year they are hoping to reach an agreement that will reduce the global temperature by 2C. La Galerie is a tradeshow event happening on the side, which is showing off new innovations in green energy. My role as an employee of the U.S. Commercial Service is to help the American companies we invited to participate in the USA Pavilion at La Galerie.
Experiencing this tradeshow has been eye opening; so much more goes on than just business interactions between similar businesses. Rather VIPs will come through and talk with said representatives or sometimes interactions will be purely about finding a way to introduce their product into a new market. This has helped me understand what companies expect to gain from tradeshows and what they usually gain from it, which isn’t always the same.

Noah White
U.S. Commercial Service
Paris, France - Fall 2015

Tags: Attacks, COP21, Paris