What you should know about working on the Hill

Posted on Monday, Dec 21, 2015

Capitol Hill is, in essence, its own strange world. Many constituents have said that this place is a bubble and the more time that I have spent up here the more I have begun to agree. The Hill is a collection of some of the nation’s brightest policy minds. When this many smart and talented people all work in small offices together for hours and hours on end it gets to be a unique experience.

One of the biggest things that I have noticed is how much of a family the congressional staff members are. The staff that I have worked with is not afraid to be personable and talk to you and each other as friends, not just colleagues. This is about as close to a family outside of your real family that you can get.

Another big oddity about working on Capitol Hill is that there is almost another language that is spoken. Everything is condensed and you speak a term and understand what you’re supposed to be doing. People speak just in bill numbers but yet the conversation moves effortlessly as those involved know everything about the bills.

Overall, Capitol Hill is a very unique but a great place to work and it is an experience that is really great for recent graduates. If you enjoy a fast-paced atmosphere in one of the most powerful cities on the planet then what is stopping you from working here?

Joshua Admire
Office of Congressman Pete Olson
Washington, D.C. - Fall 2015

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