Looking Forward

Posted on Thursday, Dec 13, 2018

Finding a specific purpose in life, especially nearing graduation can be hard. Before I came to Texas A&M University, I was unsure about what I would do in the future. Whatever it would be, it would have to feel like it was serving an active role. However, after coming to Texas A&M, I found out that I had it all wrong. Instead of the task itself being fulfilling, I later learned that it was the attitude towards the task at hand. With the values of Texas A&M University that I learned from both my time at the University and from my father (Class of ‘85), I started to open myself up to new opportunities to both help further my career possibilities and improve myself as an individual. Studying International Studies enabled me to do this through studying abroad and working a professional internship. Through the internship specifically, I learned that it is up to one’s self to apply themselves in the best way possible, sometimes having to doing more than what is expected, such as assisting other offices when they need my skillset. I can say without a doubt, that without my time at Texas A&M University, I would not have ended up with the same outlook towards life that I have now. Looking forward currently, I feel that this drive to go further than what’s needed will provide me with more opportunities and challenges throughout my life than I could have ever imagined.

Nicholas Petricka
Institut für Europäische Politik
Berlin, Germany | fall 2018