A Texan in a Blizzard

Posted on Monday, Feb 08, 2016

That’s right we went through the blizzard and winter storm “Jonas”. Now that might sound fun to some Texans that only dream of snow during the winter, but truthfully this was nothing to be so happy about. Everything from the Metro, Uber, and stores all closed their doors on Friday with a hope to re-open for business on Sunday.

So you might think to yourself what does a group of interns from Texas A&M University that has never been in such a storm do? Well we all handled things in different ways. Some like myself went to the local store and bought items that wouldn’t need power to eat, as well as, stocking up on water and drinks. I also made sure everything I need, such as phone, computer, iPad, and battery backup where all charged and ready. Where some of the interns just had a great time playing in the snow. Each of us interns seemed to think they could run with the challenge and would be able to be handled in no matter what. So I guess there was no right or wrong answer when it came to getting ready for the storm.


As each hour passed and we all had to stay in our apartments people started to get stir crazy. Not being able to get out of your place can take a toll. From Friday at 1pm EST through Sunday morning at 1am we saw over 22’’ of snow fall, with crazy 50mph winds, and temps of 20 degrees feeling more like 5.


What we learned through this experience is everyone handles things differently. We learned that there is no one right way to do things when it comes to handling a winter storm. But in the future I can say that I do not want to go through that kind of storm again.


Jason Larzelere

Senator Ted Cruz

Spring 2016 Washington D.C.

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