The Unknown Somewhat Revealed

Posted on Thursday, Feb 04, 2016

   Up until the day I left for Washington, D.C. I still didn’t  have a full understanding of what my days would be like. I was somewhat in between the fuzzy and gray but I trusted the system and those who ran it. I had a full week to get adjusted to my living arrangements and familiarize myself with the area. I was excited and eager to learn and grow as a professional in the nation’s capital with an organization I could see myself working for in the future. As an intern with the United Nations Foundation, I work with the United Nations Association on their youth engagement efforts. Each day is different brought on with varying work assignments ranging from writing blog posts to creating excel spreadsheets to mailing off tool kits to chapters while trying to learn how to make mailing labels on Microsoft Word.
As a youth engagement intern, my main responsibilities this spring are to help the United Nations Association team focus on scaling up field operations for our campus chapter initiatives within GenUN and helping to build programming for the nationwide network. To gain a better understanding of what a typical work day is for me, I’ve included my schedule for future or potential participants planning on applying for the Public Policy Internship Program at Texas A&M University to see what a typical day for an intern is like. Since coming to D.C., I’ve been able to experience a blizzard, drink more milkshakes than I have ever in an average year, visit national monuments, meet up with old friends, and make new ones.

All in all, the best advice I can give to potential/future applicants and skeptical peers is to dive into the process by applying and if accepted to take on the challenges of not knowing the unknown and understanding that homesickness will come and go in waves. However, it’s important to note that the lasting memories of a semester in a new city and lifelong friendships which are waiting to be made come once in a lifetime. Remember, the days are long but the semester is short.
Monday-Friday Schedule:
6:50 AM-Snooze my alarm
6:55 AM-Wake up
7:30ish AM-Finish getting dressed and ready
7:40 AM-Make breakfast
7:50ish AM-Eat breakfast
8:10 AM-Leave the house for the metro
9:00 AM- Arrive at the office (usually the first to arrive), trade in snow boots for heels, get settled in, get a cup of water, check emails
9:10 AM-9:30 AM-Greet incoming interns
9:30 AM-Supervisor arrives
9:35ish AM-Supervisor or I send an email to each other
10:00-12:30 PM-Conference calls, meetings, supervisor check-ins, complete assignments, get new assignments
1:00 PM-1:45 PM-Lunch
1:50 PM-5:00 PM- Conference calls, meetings, supervisor check-ins, complete assignments, get new assignments
5:20ish PM-Sign-out of computer, trade heels for snow-boots, and leave
6:30ish PM-Arrive home
Saturday-Sunday Schedule:
Sleep-in until noon (or at least until 10 AM)
Binge-watch series like “How To Get Away With Murder” with roommates on Netflix ALL day
Laundry (TBD)
Grocery shopping in the afternoon
Work-out when a certain roommate drags you with her
Discover new eateries or places when everyone wakes up to decide

Roommate Shenanigans in the midst of the blizzard


Laura Nguyen

United Nations Foundation

Washington, D.C.-Spring 2016

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