Applying My Major

Posted on Wednesday, Feb 20, 2019

As a student of Texas A&M University I am committed to providing the best representation for my university by performing my job to the fullest of my capabilities. I believe that as an intern coming from Texas A&M, I represent my university in all of my actions. I believe that this is one of the most important things for me to remember during my internship period.

Working in the Texas state capitol has given me the opportunity to apply my education in economics in ways that I would normally be unable to. As an economics major, I have always had a strong interest in government policy, especially as it pertains to fiscal policy. Working for Representative Phil Stephenson has provided me a special opportunity to focus on fiscal policy, which I find to be a great match with my educational background.

Representative Stephenson has made his career as a certified public accountant. This means that the vast majority of our office’s proposed legislation is related to the fiscal aspects of our economy. As the legislative aide for the office the majority of my time is spent researching fiscal bills such as tax reform or government pensions. This gives me the opportunity to apply my education in meaningful ways. I believe that with my education I am better able to provide my office with more accurate information on how legislation will increase cost and effect the economy.

In closing I believe that this a wonderful experience that has provided me the opportunity to gain hands on experience in fiscal policy. I believe that this internship and participating in the Public Policy Internship Program will provide me with invaluable experience for my future career. I am extremely happy that I was presented with this opportunity and I look forward to the rest of this legislative session.

Brandon Alaniz
Office of State Representative Phil Stephenson
Austin, Texas | spring 2019