Five Ways to Help You Navigate Austin Traffic

Posted on Sunday, Feb 24, 2019

For the past month I've been stationed in Austin in order to fulfill my dream of being a part of the body that creates laws for Texans. This dream can easily turn into a nightmare if lived without precautions. This is my thought process: you're stuck in traffic, which makes you late to work, which translates to you not being responsible, and BOOM: bad impression. Below, I've divulged my personal research about navigating through Austin traffic more effectively, and therefore allowing you to be the best intern you can dream of being.
  1. Plan ahead
  2. Google Maps is your best friend
  3. When on I35, take the exit ramp
  4. Sittin Sidewayz, learn to switch lanes
  5. Sunsets
Always look up your route ahead of time before going somewhere. Usually, you'll either have the option of taking the "smaller" streets or hopping on the highway. From personal experience, a 12 minute drive can easily become a 45 minute one, in both situations. Plan accordingly and based on your preference.

Google Maps is super handy. It updates you on the fasted route as you're driving. Car accident? Take the next right!

This strategy might be a bit of a dirty trick. To save 3-5 minutes you can take the exit ramps on I35, then merge back on the freeway on the next entrance. The lane that's farthest right, the one used to exit, is usually A LOT faster than the others.

Switching lanes in traffic is an art which must be done with extreme precaution. Switch to the farthest right lane when there's an exit coming up, but keep in mind that in not too long there's going to be a long line of cars trying to merge in. Therefore, switch back to the middle lane before you start slowing down to a halt.

Finally, my last tip to make traffic bearable is to enjoy your surroundings. Of course, don’t get distracted, but sunsets after work are a magical thing.

Alejandra Luna
Office of State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr.
Austin, Texas | spring 2019