Growth and Change; A Recurring Theme

Posted on Thursday, Feb 28, 2019

"Drinking from a fire hydrant" is an underrated statement from the beginning of the legislative session. Ironic enough, I found myself constantly dehydrated from talking, answering phones, and getting lost within the underground maze of tunnels and hallways.  However tired, I find that my skillset of becoming a legislative aide is growing. 

It does not take familiarity of my personality to recognize my introversive ways.  My soft-spoken words, and posture were the initial scents that dominant, extroverts preyed on.  As scheduler, I felt something stir inside of me; an urge to change.  I received counseling from the Legislative Director and Chief of Staff.  Their words comforted me and supported an adjusted perspective towards the office. 

"She should be a Communications Director." I overheard one of the neighboring, office interns compliment me during our office luncheon event.  My Legislative Director and fellow Aggie intern smiled at me.  "Change is inevitable, change will always happen, but you have to apply direction to change, and that's when it's progress."

Noemi Valiente
Office of State Representative Jim Murphy
Austin, Texas | spring 2019