What to do during a Shutdown

Posted on Wednesday, Feb 20, 2019

1- Get out of the apartment – It will be tempting to just stay home instead of going out. But you need to try to go out and do something every day, otherwise the boredom will get to you.

2- Visit the monuments – Visiting the monuments in D.C. is a nice day trip that will get you out of the house. If possible invite a friend out with you. Another advantage of this is when the rest of your friends get out of work, you will be close enough to go to happy hour or out to dinner. Another nice place to visit is the Arlington National Cemetery, though I would do this on a separate day so you can spend more time here.

3- Take advantage of shutdown discounts – Many museums that would typically cost $20 would allow for furloughed workers to enter for free. You can also get discounts on drinks and other activities through the city. Even if you haven’t started and don’t have a federal I.D. you can still get a discount at many places if you ask and show them emails from your hosting office.

4- Go hiking – Pretty soon you will run out of stuff to do in the city, unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about this. However, there is a lot of excellent hiking around the city that can be reached easily through Uber. There are plenty of beginner’s trails and challenging trails, giving something for every level of hiker.

5- Go to open museums and the Library of Congress – Private museums will be open, along with other museums like the Holocaust museum. These are good day trips to do and with the furloughed discount it is very affordable. When you do the Holocaust Museum I would recommend doing it between meals, as it is a very emotional museum. Something else that goes well with this is the Library of Congress, another free attraction.

McKie Gribbons
U.S. Department of Commerce
Washington, D.C. | spring 2019