February 2023

Making the Most of Opportunity!

This post will discuss making the most of opportunities presented to you, trusting your instincts, and avoiding imposter syndrome. I boil down opportunism into 5 simple parts.

Organizing Your Workspace

Don’t you just love organizing your desk? The best part about starting a new job is finding out where you will be working and then changing everything from the original way it was set up.

Tips on How to Relax Outside of your Internship in Austin

Just like during a semester of classes, it is important to take care of yourself during your internship. Be ready to combat any stress with these 5 ways to destress and have a great internship! 

In the Building: A Day in the Life of a Legislative Aide at the Texas Capitol

A day in the life of a legislative aide at the Capitol is quite exciting for individuals who love policy. Everyday brings new and exciting things!

How to Explore (& Stay Connected to) Different Cultures in the Nation’s Capital!

A few tips on how to thouroughly explore all the cultural diversity within D.C.! Tips on staying in touch with your culture even when far from home!

The City that Sleeps

The hours that the city is alive don't extend past a winter sunset.

Dogs in D.C.

A guide to approaching dogs in Washington, D.C

Eventful Events: An Intern’s Guide to D.C. Networking

Here's the quick-start guide to networking you've been looking for! Learn tips for navigating events, creating a positive first impression, and making meaningful connections!