Coffee Plants on Capitol Hill

Posted on Saturday, Jul 20, 2019

Hill internships provide many opportunities, but attending a health and wellness fair and picking up a coffee plant has been my most memorable experience.
This event was put on by the House of Representatives and provided information on resources available to House employees. The U.S. Botanical Gardens gave out free plants, which made me incredibly happy! While this Coffee Arabica plant will not yield beans for 5 years, it still adds personality to Apartment 334.
If you are considering applying to internships on Capitol Hill, go for it! My coworkers are always helpful, friendly, and willing to take me to House events like this one. It’s easy to be intimidated, but most people are welcoming and ready to mentor you.

Victoria Cashman
U.S. House of Representatives - Office for Cybersecurity
Washington, D.C. | summer 2019