Committing to Experiences

Posted on Friday, Jul 19, 2019

My name is Daniel Chalfin, and I am Business Honors and Finance major. I am a part of the Class of 2020 and a current intern with the US Commercial Service at the US Embassy in London.
As a student at Texas A&M, I’m committing to making the most of every opportunity. Whether its sitting in on a meeting, volunteering for a project, or taking the chance to ask a genuine question, I am committing to maximizing the amount of learning that takes place this summer. I also know that this commitment will extend beyond the office to taking advantage of opportunities beyond the office. Whether it is traveling and learning about new cultures, visiting museums and historical sites, or witnessing current events, I commit to learning and experiencing these opportunities.
It is important that this goal is set so that I can intentionally implement it in my professional career. So far, many of the most impactful experiences have been opportunities I’ve been proactive in engaging in. For the future, I look to participate in as many experiences as possible and learn from as many experiences as possible. This will allow me to make the most of my time here in London.
Daniel Chalfin
U.S. Commercial Service
London, England | summer 2019