How to Detox after your First Week in the Real World

Posted on Friday, Jun 10, 2016

After an exhausting first week of work, my roommates and I decided we would take a night to relax. And what says “chill” more than Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and a RomCom? We ventured out to the CVS just around the corner of our apartment and picked out our favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavors. We got back up to our apartment, stashed the ice cream in the freezer, then went downstairs to grab a movie. Feeling adventurous, we decided to try going down a new set of stairs. We got to the first floor and, after walking through a maze of hallways, found ourselves in a strange building with all the lights dimmed. We laughed at ourselves and wondered how we managed to walk downstairs and wind up in a completely different building that was closed. Two police officers kindly escorted us three giggling girls out of the locked building and pointed us in the direction of our apartment.
But wait—the adventure had only just begun. We rented a movie from our apartment and went back up to the third floor. Now to tackle the DVD player. It couldn’t be that hard to play a movie, right? After about 20 minutes of trying every combination possible connecting the cord to the TV to the DVD player, we decided we were missing an essential cord and went on a search. We found a fellow intern and borrowed her DVD cord. We tried playing the DVD, only to find out we had picked a dud movie—it was broken and scratched.

Downstairs again we ventured (although this time using the elevator) and picked a new DVD. Returning upstairs, we held our breath as we tried to insert the DVD…. And voilĂ !  It worked! With pints of Ben and Jerry’s in hand and blankets draped across the couch, we finally got to detox from our first week in the “real world.”

We are learning all kinds of important things here in the “real world.” I’m grateful to be on this adventure with a great group of girls who can laugh at the unexpected roadblocks we face while trying to have a relaxing movie night. 

Chandler Clark
Securities and Exchange Commission
Summer 2016

Tags: D.C., relaxation