November 2018

Berliner Basics

Learning new things by accident is still learning new things. This post tells the story behind those lessons and why future Berlin interns should keep them in mind.

Training the New Hire

You've got a new hire that you're supposed to help train. What do you do?

Five Things Every D.C. Newcomer Should Know about the Metro

For those of us who grew up in the highway-rich state of Texas, where every destination is within reach of our own personal vehicle, moving to Washington, D.C., can be quite a culture shock.

My Declassified Intern Survival Guide

All in all, stay true to your interests, work smart, and enjoy yourself in DC!

Finding Your Balance

I’ve detailed a few tips from my own personal experience that I feel have allowed me to make the most of all moments and opportunities while interning, and still making room for “me time.”

5 Ways to Master the Metro and Enjoy Your Commute

Are you an anxious metro newbie or do you dread your commute to work? Here are 5 ways to make using the metro better!

Tips for Surviving the Hill

Tips for interning and surviving on the Hill.

A Guide on Guides for D.C.

A blog about blogs - D.C. Edition! For anyone overwhelmed with Pinterest searches, I've curated the only list you need to stay up to date in the Capital.