November 2020

Four Strategies for Making Research a Snap!

This blog post is a summary of the strategies I've used for doing research during my internship. However, these strategies could be useful to anyone doing research or writing an article or research paper.

Four Ways to Stand out as a Congressional Intern

Offer your ideas, create projects, adapt, and network!

COVID Considerations while Traveling in D.C.

Are you worried about traveling to DC during COVID? Don't stress it! Use these tips to make your time in DC more enjoyable and less worrisome.

The Perks of Being Able to Work Virtually

In this blog I talk about why I am working virtually as well as the neat experience of being able to work at the National Mall while working virtually.

The Hidden Secrets of Life on the Hill

Policy making is often shrouded in mystery, but once you see it for yourself, it will leave you wanting play your part in the process.