Mulan vs. Nicholas Cage

Posted on Tuesday, Oct 06, 2015

 “To the Library of Congress Madison Building, please.” I shut the door to the cab I had just hailed outside my high rise apartment and swiped my company credit card. I looked out the window at the traffic and caught a glimpse of my lipstick-stained mouth reflecting back at me. When did I turn into a Northeast yuppie that networks with Congressmen for work at after-hour events? A lot of people desire this kind of life, but I couldn’t help thinking I was an imposter, living someone else’s life for a few months, as internships sometimes give you the opportunity to do. Inwardly, I was one part Nicolas Cage’s character excitedly walking around historical buildings with famous documents and one part Mulan, feeling like I was somehow compromising my true self for a taste of grandeur. My thoughts were interrupted as I was deposited at my destination and as I climbed up the steps I decided to just soak up the current season of life I found myself in and to learn from every interaction and opportunity presented and count it as a blessing.

I have only been living and working in D.C. for five weeks now but in many ways I feel as though I have been here a whole semester since every day has so much packed into it. I can’t explain what a typical day of work for me looks like, as it changes every day, but just this week alone I have ridden the Metro rail eight times and driven over two hundred miles in my own car from the apartment to my office in McLean, Virginia to my church behind the Capitol. I have walked seven miles within only three buildings (Rayburn, Cannon, and Longworth Office Buildings where most of the House of 
DC-Night.jpgRepresentatives’ offices are located) in heels, hand-delivering invitations for a filibuster, then helped host aforementioned filibuster at one of the Library of Congress buildings. I’ve woken up at 5:30 two mornings in a row to assist with board meetings downtown, attended a dinner with Dr. Hussey from A&M and a former Congressman, and watched the impact of the Pope’s visit to the U.S as well as 
Boehner’s resignation.  I’ve researched issues and crafted memos on relevant issues in my industry, networked with many wonderful people, explored the city, as well as survived a near government shut down (and hurricane). D.C. has been a fertile ground for growth and learning experiences in shaping me professionally, socially and spiritually even. It has stretched me personally, shown me fresh perspective on politicians and policymaking in general and solidified certain desires I have as well as steered me away from other ones.
  • In what ways do you want to grow as a person?
  • How will you leave the world a better place than you found it?
  • How might an internship help you achieve that?
Rachel Hillebrand
American Frozen Food Institute
Washington, D.C. - Fall 2015

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