October 2020

Surviving Together: Creating Bonds Through Shared Fiction

An examination of how storytelling connects us through an account on the gremlins and ghosts of the Buchanan. Learn how fiction can keep us tied to reality and each other in D.C. and beyond.

How to Appreciate the Small Things About Your Unique D.C. Experience

Curious about how to make the most of your virtual internship experience in the midst of a global pandemic? Read here about the steps you can take to appreciate all of the small things about living in the nation's capitol.

Work Smarter, Not Harder (From Home!)

Internships are already a lot of work, but add navigating a global pandemic and working from home into the mix, and it gets A LOT harder! Here are my tips to staying healthy and productive while working from home.

How to Spice up Your Meals at Home During a Pandemic

This blog post will recommend a cool way to change your eating habits while at home during quarantine. It's a great read for anyone who is tired of eating take-out and delivery.

Inside Higher Education: The Art of Running a University System

While taking classes at A&M, I was oblivious to the infrastructure that allowed the university to provide that instruction. It wasn't until I became an intern with A&M's Office of Federal Relations that I began to see the seemingly invisible world of policy and funding that underlies the A&M System's functioning.

How to Stay Sane while Working Remotely

Spoilers: get outside