Five Songs That Helped Me Survive a Move to D.C.

Posted on Sunday, Sep 29, 2019

Devastation. Nostalgia. Pride. Awe. Gratitude.
These were the strongest of the millions of emotions that flooded my brain as I moved across the country to the nation’s capital.
It wasn’t easy, but the transition from College Station to Washington, D.C. was an essential step toward dreams I’ve held my entire life. And while it may be dramatic to thank a few melodic notes for my acclimation, I can honestly say there were a few songs that were on constant replay during my first few weeks in D.C.
Dime Store Cowgirl – Kacey Musgraves
This southern tune practically screams East Texas, the pine-filled land I call home. Detailing Musgraves’ journey from small town to big city, the song reminds me of my own journey from Lufkin to Washington, D.C. “I'm still the girl from Golden, had to get away so I could grow but it don't matter where I'm goin', I'll still call my hometown home,” Musgraves sings. The necessary but difficult transition away from home that she describes has been a sappy yet relatable feeling, especially during the first weeks of my internship in the nation’s capital.
Traveler’s Song – Flatland Cavalry
The first line of a song has never hit so close to home. “Well I miss College Station,” is a thought I think approximately 21 times each day. But, like Musgraves’ ballad, this song reminds me that transition periods are hard, but so worth it. The song’s chorus, “The road goes on, I can't stay long, I got sights to see,” puts a smile on my face. I actually am out seeing the world, and that’s such an exciting feeling. Even if I am missing Aggie football and Whataburger like crazy.
Successful – Ariana Grande
This!! One!! “It feels so good to be so young and have this fun and be successful…” Any time I get an awesome assignment, make a cool connection or feel especially proud of my work, this pop song runs through my head. It’s crucial to show yourself some love, and this bop does just that. If you’re working as an intern in D.C., this song better be on your playlist. Plus, it’s a great tune to move to, so play it loud and have a dance party with your roomies!
With A Little Help from My Friends – The Beatles
My favorite band sings about an incredible support system in this psychedelic anthem, and I’m incredibly grateful to relate. I do, in fact, get by with a little help from my friends. (That said, if there was a song called “With a Little Help from My Parents,” I’d probably include that here instead.) Moving to an unfamiliar environment is terrifying, but my new roommates help me through D.C.’s challenges. We’ve become extremely close during the last few weeks, and they’re loads of fun to be around. But this song also applies to my pals back home. Not a day passes where I don’t talk to them, and they’re so supportive and loving. The Beatles really knew what they were talking about when they made this record.
One Last Time (44 Remix) – Hamilton Cast, Barack Obama
Alright, so the meaning behind this one is a little less obvious. This Broadway number traditionally tells the story of George Washington’s decision to step down after two terms as president of the United States. It includes a humbling excerpt from his Farwell Address, and always reminded me how incredible the American Experiment truly is. In this remix, Barack Obama actually recites Washington’s Farewell Address, bringing a modern and inspiring touch to the storyline. Listening to this tune in the nation’s capital gives me chills and reminds me how lucky I am to be here.

Taylor Fennell
Bose Public Affairs
Washington, D.C. | fall 2019