Hello Health Policy!

Posted on Monday, Sep 20, 2021

As a recent graduate who has spent most of my time studying the Krebs cycle and performing dissections in an anatomy lab, I was both excited and uncertain about navigating the unfamiliar world of public policy. How could I go from studying physiology to studying legislation? Well, I was pleasantly surprised just how different and similar the science and policy fields could be.
Here are five aspects of health policy that have surprised this science-focused girl.
  1. Learning public policy is like learning a new language. Can you believe SHOP doesn’t mean shopping and CHIP doesn’t mean potato chips? Acronyms (and a journal) become your best friend for learning policy jargon. 
  2. Health policy includes lots of numbers. The emphasis on data science and economics is heavy, but luckily, I’ve always been a math person. From understanding equations that calculate Medicare payments to categorizing Current Procedural Terminology codes for different healthcare procedures, it’s been refreshing using math in unique ways.
  3. Tracking legislation also means tracking the players, aka White House and Congressional members. Learning more about different representatives and officials from both parties has been a great way to understand their impact on our nation’s health.
  4. Even in a 9 to 5 job, there’s lots of studying. During the rare lulls at work and outside of the office, I spend my time reading and researching health policy topics. I’ve found the best way to improve is through experience and exposure.
  5. And my favorite, health policy is fast-paced and constantly evolving. With a new administration and the pandemic, policies are continuously shifting, which means we always have to keep our eyes on the ball. It’s simultaneously challenging and exciting to work with quick turnarounds and on recent developments.
Although a lot of my experience has been new territory, my biomedical science background has been a huge plus to understanding the clinical side of our policy work. More importantly, it is exactly what motivated me to pursue experience with the legislative side of our healthcare system.
So thank you, Texas A&M; this Aggie couldn’t be happier.

Kriti Korula
Todd Strategy Group
Washington, D.C. | Fall 2021