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As a PPIP intern, you will be required to enroll in the one-credit hour UGST 492 Co-op in Public Policy course. This is a graded course that will give you full-time student status with the Office of the Registrar during your internship semester. It should be noted that this is not the same as being considered as full-time with the Scholarships & Financial Aid office.  It is the responsibility of the student to consult with Scholarships & Financial Aid to determine how participation in PPIP will affect your financial aid and scholarship eligibility.  Important things to ask about are:  how many hours do I need to be enrolled in to keep my aid, and will I receive the full amount of my package?

PPIP Credit Requirement

PPIP students will complete course work through eCampus. Note that UGST 492 is a graded course, and it will affect your Grade Point Ratio (GPR) accordingly. This goes for recent graduates as well! The course work includes the completion of a learning agreement, midterm evaluation, and final evaluation by your site supervisor as well as up to four reflective assignments. Additionally, D.C. interns will complete a service learning project while international interns will complete a final project.

Additional Academic Credit

In addition to the UGST 492 course credit, many students gain additional hours that count toward their degree by enrolling in other coursework during their internship semester. These courses can be arranged by contacting your academic advisor or professors. Students should bear in mind that they will be working 40 hours a week during the internship semester. We recommend that you do not enroll in more than six (6) cumulative hours.