Hosting Offices

We invite organizations and offices in Washington, D.C.; abroad; and in Austin, TX to consider becoming an internship site supervisor. This is a meaningful opportunity to share your policy knowledge with Aggie Interns in the Public Policy Internship Program (PPIP) at Texas A&M University.

Internship opportunities are to be on-site (an intern physically works at your organization) experiences based in D.C. and other policy related organizations around the world.

We are looking for internship opportunities and site supervisors in Washington D.C., in all types of public policy organizations, as we have students in our nation’s capital and around the world available to work with you. Whether you offer paid or unpaid internship opportunities remains at your discretion.

Our students are eager to participate in internships to help them understand the changing nature of their future profession and gain valuable real-world work experience while earning course credit. Both students and supervisors benefit from this mutual learning experience.