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Living and working abroad in London, England, also known as the Square Mile, will prove to be the internship of a lifetime. Students have an amazing opportunity to join the U.S. Commercial Service team for a semester, which will be an intense and meaningful professional experience. In addition to intimately learning about trade between the United Kingdom and the United States, students will also have a multitude of networking opportunities with other U.S. Embassy offices and interns. Learn more about the city and what to expect below.

Working in London

Comprised of 12 different agencies, the mission of the U.S. Commercial Service is to promote exports of U.S. goods and services to the UK market. The U.S. Commercial Service works in nearly 80 different countries to promote the global network and exportation of United States goods and services. In 2011 the U.S. Commercial Services helped expand U.S. exports to over $2 trillion, supporting almost 7 million U.S. jobs.
While working in London, interns have the opportunity to be a part of this world-wide agency. The U.S. Commercial Service in the London is located within the U.S. Embassy. The staff, which is comprised of about 13 employees, ensures effective execution of all tasks and duties across six different areas: transportation, safety, energy & environment, manufacturing & franchising, exportable goods, and travel tourism and education. 

Typical Intern Duties

Upon receiving their team assignment, the intern’s work begins. Workload may vary depending on team assignment, as different teams will have different trade shows or events for which they are preparing for. Typical intern responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Collecting and analyzing information for use in market research reports.
  • Responding to enquiries from U.S. companies.
  • Assisting staff in the preparation of trade events and trade missions.
  • Assisting with Gold Key clients and visits. The Gold Key service helps U.S. companies find partners and distributors in the UK.

Living in London

From Westminster Abby and Buckingham Palace, to Big Ben and the London Eye, the capital of England is not lacking in history. As one of the most visited-cities in the world, it is no shock that London has a little bit of something for everyone. Over 32 different boroughs or districts exist, which have distinct and unique characteristics. Popular boroughs include Camden, which resembles the culture in Austin, Texas and the art borough of Shoreditch, which contains an infinite amount of live music.
United Kingdom flag in foreground. Cars and buses in middle ground andBig Ben in background.

Guides to Living in London

Everyday luxuries such as grocery shopping, dry cleaning, and health services can be more difficult to find and use a foreign country. However, several resources are available to make it easier for Americans living abroad:

U.S. Embassy’s Guide to Living in the United Kingdom:

This website, operated by the U.S. Embassy in London, provides resources regarding official documents, banking, insurance, driving and voting while abroad.

Moving to London:

This website provides information and tips on housing, travel, transportation and cost of living in London.

Watch the video above from the U.S. Commercial Service London Internship Program.

Intern Testimonial | Video: USFCSLondon