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Welcome back! The Public Policy Internship Program takes great pride in the accomplishments of its alumni, who are now making a positive impact across the globe. Many former participants have used their internship experience as a platform to launch careers in a variety of fields and have become known for their professional success.

PPIP often serves as a pivotal step in the future of many Texas A&M University students. Program alumni are currently working or have previously worked in key leadership positions in both Washington, D.C., and throughout Texas. They can be found in places ranging from Capitol Hill, to U.S. agencies, to the state capital, to non-profits, to a variety of other organizations. Others have pursued careers in the private sector, started their own business, or served in the Peace Corps and the military.

Whether our accomplished and successful professionals become policy makers, lawyers, doctors, economic analysts, or teachers, all of our alumni showcase the quality of leaders.

As our intern alumni continue to impact the world around them, we love to hear how they are doing. Former interns, please update your contact information by following the instructions available off the sub-menu.