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Bye-Bye Bei Bei

Bei Bei 贝贝 the Panda is leaving for China, and we here will miss his presence at the Washington D.C. Zoo. In this blog post, I will attempt to tell you all about my experiences watching this majestic creature without tearing up.

A Little Piece of Mexico

¡Viva México! Celebrating my Mexican culture while in D.C.

A Little Piece of Mexico

¡Viva México! Celebrating my Mexican culture while in D.C.

Take the Leap

I want to encourage everybody on the fence about PPIP to take the leap of faith, bet on themselves and experience the unknown. D.C. is an opportunity dense area, get out there!

What's in My Bag?

What I keep in my bag while commuting and working in Washington D.C.

Full Time Difference

An intern’s reflection on the transition from college life and unimportant jobs to routine, complex work. A look back at the struggles of exhaustion from working all day, every weekday.

Top 5 Free Museums to Visit during Your Internship

After spending many weeks visiting many of the museums here in Washington, D.C., I have compiled my top 5 that are must sees for incoming interns or any other visitors to D.C.

Why Plans Just Aren't Worth It

Sometimes, having everything planned is the worst plan of all.

Arisen My Senses

I talk about finding myself in D.C. and discuss budgeting, accepting mistakes, and finding a support system.

My Top 5 Places in Germany Where I've Visited

Join me on my travels throughout Germany and see my five favorite places that I've visited. Learn about snake gods and Germany's complicated historical past.

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