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Student in front of Austin Capital building giving a thumbs up

Texas A&M University recognizes internships as an integral part of its curriculum, enabling students to participate in structured, supervised learning experiences off-campus. The Public Policy Internship Program (PPIP) strives to provide out-of-classroom opportunities which help students build on and enhance previous coursework. Integrating an off-campus, work-learning experience with related curriculum choices reinforces learning on campus.

PPIP is an academic, service-designated course to help students obtain policy-related internships in Washington, D.C.; Austin, Texas; and countries throughout Europe. Students may engage in internships in a variety of settings which match their academic goals.

Students are expected to work full-time at their internship placement within our program. During their internship, students learn new skills unique to their field, gain valuable inside knowledge about their professional future, and meet the people who will someday become their co-workers and professional network.


As a result of participating in the program, interns will:

  • Gain an understanding of and exposure to the public policy process.
  • Develop prefessionally relevant competencies and relationships, explore career interests, and form networks.
  • Evaluate and apply knowledge gained from academic coursework and examine firsthand how theories learned in the classroom impact society and the world.
  • Develop intellectual and professional partnerships.
  • Expand opportunities for self-directed learning.
  • Clarify career goals and personal aspirations.

I will have to admit, sometimes it made me nervous to be the point person on projects and to report directly to our president/vice president on some assignments, but I can’t think of any other internship where you could be in that position.

Davis Manoushagian | Washington, D.C., Spring 2014