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The World Is Your Oyster (I Personally Prefer Fish, Though)

If you’re in DC, you’re where things are moving and shaking 24/7. Here’s how you can take advantage of some opportunities in DC!

The Office with No Windows

I spent nearly all of the past two months, as an intern working in an office with no windows, in a building shrouded with secrecy and surrounded by intense security. Yet this office has been one of the most surprisingly transparent places I could have imagined working for.

How Flexibility has Strengthened My Internship Experience

A little wiggle room could go a long way.

Committing to Experiences

Making the most of every opportunity

Scoot Your Way

Electric scooters are now found in every major U.S. city and the D.C. area is no different. In this blog post, I write about the pros and cons riders should consider before riding one.

7 Reasons to Intern for a Nonprofit

Have you ever wondered how you can pursue public service and not directly be in politics?

First Time in D.C.

It can be really stressful thinking about taking the opportunity to move to a new city. There will always be a lot of reasons not to do something, and there will never be a perfect time, so I say just go for it! Here are some tips that will ensure you have a successful time in D.C.

Interning Abroad

There is something special about really connecting to the culture of the city you’re in each weekend rather than spending it aboard planes.

How to Join the Secret Service (& other tips for making the most of your internship)

Disclaimer: My stint as a "Secret Service agent" was short-lived, and I may have not been officially recognized as one.

Siri, How Many Degrees Celsius is Fahrenheit 451?

You can take the girl out of the Texas heat, but you can't take--actually nevermind, Texas heat followed her to another continent.

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