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Four Strategies for a Successful Internship Search

This blog post is a guide to obtaining a public policy internship (mainly in Washington, D.C.). These four tips serve as the foundation to creating a network "bubble" and utilizing the resources at TAMU to the fullest capacity.

What to Do When You Should Probably Be Working

Sure, there’s plenty to do in D.C. on nights and weekends – but some of the most unique opportunities are available between 9 and 5.

What you should know about motivation

What motivates you? 

Ein kurzes Paper zu Denglisch

You might think that English words in the German language would be a blessing. After all, how much easier does it get!? But as it turns out, you are wrong. 

The ins and outs of keeping up with DC

Have you ever been intimidated by the fast-paced lifestyle of politics in Washington, DC? I sure have. 

How to Travel Slow

On the importance of traveling slow when everything is moving so fast.

D.C. is what you make out of it: Networking and 4 other misconceptions about Washington D.C.

When people hear that you will be interning at Washington D.C., they invariably will give you advice about how to navigate through the nation’s capital.

Take some time for yourself

Living in a new city can be overwhelming, even if you don't realize it. One way to relieve this stress or anxiety is to take some personal time, something I didn't realize until it was almost too late

An Aggie Hill-tern

Howdy! My name is Derek McKee, and I am currently interning for Senator John Cornyn on Capitol Hill. As a fellow “hill-tern,” a term respectfully given to us by our peers, I have the pleasure of working in the capitol every day. Every morning, when I am walking past the Library of Congress, The Supreme Court, and The Capitol itself, I am plainly in awe. I think about the opportunity...