Intern Blog

Four Strategies for a Successful Internship Search

This blog post is a guide to obtaining a public policy internship (mainly in Washington, D.C.). These four tips serve as the foundation to creating a network "bubble" and utilizing the resources at TAMU to the fullest capacity.

What you should know about working on the Hill

An inner look at a Congressional staff and the unusual "bubble" that is Capitol Hill 


I do some of my best thinking when I’m on the Washington D.C. Metro.

What you should know about motivation

What motivates you? 

Washington D.C. a City of…Art?

Who knew that the Washington D.C. region was rich in areas other than politics? 

How cafeteria courage got me a passport to Korea…Well, almost

You know that feeling, walking into the cafeteria  without knowing anyone? It can be tough.

A letter to bottom of the food chain

This is a letter, to all future interns as they make their way towards Capitol Hill with questions and concerns

The ins and outs of keeping up with DC

Have you ever been intimidated by the fast-paced lifestyle of politics in Washington, DC? I sure have. 

Why we work

A look at why we work, what gives us "happiness", and what we should focus on